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"Its about Presence, Responsibility, Energy, Success, Euphoria, Noticing yourself and Trusting the process (aka PRESENT). I'm sure my definition of present will change. My view of the training will progress or mature into something else as the weeks go on..however this is what it is for me now.

In the early stages of these sessions I think it's more of an opportunity for me to disconnect auto pilot, be present, alert and aware. Challenge myself to change my way of thinking and support my decisions instead of taking the easy road. It's helping me push myself to get back on track with goals, diet and exercise.

The mental training is like training at the gym for the first time. You don't know what to expect. You have questions, you aren't sure of the process or why/how it needs to happen...or the results you'll achieve. However, instead of training your body physically, you're training your mind. I'm not going to measure success, however I think to be successful you need to be physically and mentally fit. This definitely trains the mind.


It's fatiguing for now as I'm often catching myself (or being caught out) slipping into the old me eg. saying the L-I-K-E word, not doing meaningful things, things with purpose, or changing my mind set. " - Nick


"Really great positive attitude, Chris made me feel at ease and capable. Left to my own devices I would never believe I could benchpress 60 kg. Very consistent, responded to my requests fully and generally promptly, also very adaptable to my situation and needs. I also really enjoyed your cross sectional interests in nutrition, kinesiology, breath work, and fitness/strength."- Trent


"Since I started training with Chris it really has transformed my life. I was extremely unhealthy, I drank most nights of the week, smoked full time, and pretty much lived off Maccas. I not only reached my goal to lose weight, but it has stayed off because my lifestyle has completely changed for the better. The most amazing thing is, it wasn't even that hard, the changes he made in my routine made it so manageable. If anyone is considering starting to train, all I can say is DO IT! Thank you, Chris :)"- Catherine


"I have had other experiences with nutrition and meal planning that haven’t been sustainable. When I first started over again I was unsure that it would be successful in making long term changes. However, after seeing my husband stick to nutrition and make better eating choices it was worth trying. Highly recommend Chris as there are no judgments about the good and bad days, just constructive ways to progress towards your goal."- Laura


"Fortuitously I met Chris at a coffee shop while he was talking with another prospective client. I’m a 71-year-old male and was surprised Chris agreed to accept me for training. (Unbeknown to Chris at the time, I suffer from essential/intentional tremor and have a deep Brain Stimulation “box” implanted in my chest with cords from there to “spikes” in my brain. This seriously impairs my balance.)

Months after starting gym with Chris at Anytime Fitness a friend, who is also a customer at AF learnt I was training with Chris and commented roughly “you’re very lucky to have chosen Chris, I notice whenever I see Chris training someone, how he’s committed to addressing an individual’s needs.”

I had previously trained with an older trainer whose training was, in retrospective, bad compared with Chris’. I trained twice a week 30 mins on a treadmill, bicycle and cross-trainer and then another 30 mins doing weights “stuff.

Chris asked me what my goals were. I had no meaningful answer other than I wasn’t the “body beautiful type”.

Very soon Chris honed in on my gait, balance and the like. I have been amazed to realise muscles involved in simply moving, walking, lunging & other daily movements (including pelvis, feet, etc.). Chris’ exercise choices have strongly improved my balance (my neurologist considers the improvement “astounding”).

I’m surprised by Chris’ ever-changing exercise program and session variation. I’ve never had two similar sessions with Chris and yet each session builds on previous sessions.

Chris’ encouragement and support is exceptional, somehow he motivates and gets me going no matter how down and out I am and my usual low energies over winter, (I suffer from seasonal affective disorder/depression).

Chris brings amazing ingenuity to sessions and has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the brain and its relationship to muscles."

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