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Free Consultation

Part 1

In the first part of the consultation, we go through:

The meet and greet,

Client history of injuries, current training program and goals

Current nutrition and diet

+ other considerations depending 

Part 2

In the second part we go through comprehensive testing to identify where we need to focus on and where potential weakness'/dysfunctions/compensations. What we go through:

Static posture

Dynamic movements- Walk, turn, lunge, squat, push, pull, plank

Dynamic movements- Egoscue functional movement assessment

Part 3

We go through the videos of how you move, show you were you function properly and where there are problems.

During this part we usually do additional testing to confirm initial tests and explain why and how things are meant to be working

Part 4

We devise the start of the program and create the first 4 week goal to focus on correcting and strengthening the imbalances

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